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At Aileens Designs, we offer postal planning, presorting, database cleaning, help finding mailing lists, CASS certification, NCOA processing, addressing, permit and metered postage, and mail drops (whole, delayed, and intermittent). Should you ever have a custom need—hand-applied stamps, hand-addressed envelopes, pre-paid return envelopes, etc., we can certainly help. Give Aileens Designs a call to find out how we can assist you in getting your next project into the mail.
Aileens Designs can take your printed marketing materials, invitations, newsletters, catalogs, and postcards and send them through the mail for you. We can take your database of customers, clients, and acquaintances, print their postal information onto your communications, and take them right to the post office. It is just one more service you will find at Aileens Designs.
Aileens Designs mailing service can also find ways to save on your postal projects. For example, we can clean up your database to avoid duplications and outdated information. We can also reduce postage by explaining your options with dimensions, weight, and orientation. Aileens Designs can help you understand the volumes of shifting postal requirements for formatting postcards, catalogs, and other communications that can seem saturated with regulations.