The continued importance of Printed Materials in your Marketing activities.


The continued importance of Printed Materials in your Marketing activities.

We can do pretty much anything online in the current times, whether it’s shopping, banking; gaming through to socializing with friends it is predominantly accessible through online sources. Further to this when a consumer is contemplating when buying a particular item, their first port of call to research is mostly through the internet.

So I guess therefore it could be argued that if everything is now captivated online, particularly if you are an ecommerce business, is printed marketing such as brochures still a viable part of your marketing strategy for the company?

Is printed marketing still valuable?

I would suggest the answer to this is yes, for reasons I shall explain. Firstly when you think of marketing you have to think about all the different mediums and utilise all avenues. If you were to focus on just one aspect of marketing this can be a slip-up in your strategy as you are neglecting others. Marketing is not simply just one method of doing things, and in order to ensure a good marketing campaign you must utilize numerous marketing methods to generate numerous leads, cultivating them until they are set to become customers.

It is understandable with the surging online world that focus has been put on this area, however the physical world still exists and it is important to remember that printed material is highly valuable to many customers. There are customers who find it difficult to put their full trust in a company that is solely virtual and has no physical presence in any form.  This kind of customer needs to see you have a physical address, phone number, and printed material before they are fully committed to making a purchase from you.

If you simply ignore this audience of people, you have lost a segment of the market that could have been interested in what you have to offer.

No doubt when you are planning your marketing strategy, you need to play attention to your online components such as websites, blogs and social media accounts, while ensuring you have printed materials, ensuring that the two match up and represent the company image to your audience.

Tips for creating an effective brochure

Now you are aware of the need for brochures and other printed material within your marketing, below are some tips to get your brochure up and running


  • Make it appealing to the eye. Design is fundamental when it comes to designing your brochure. If your design is boring, or cluttered full with text, then people won’t be keen to pick up your brochure and give it a read. Ensure you use high quality images, and try and cut down on text where possible to make it more appealing to the eye. Enlist the help of an experienced graphic designer if possible who has examples of previous work.
  • Do not focus on product features. Try to avoid writing about your product features and look to focus on the benefits of your product. Prospective customers want to know why they should buy your product, and why it will benefit them if they do so.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Try and keep the brochure short and catchy, with large font and lots of images. Nobody wants to read a 10-15 page brochure, try and keep it to a summary showcasing the best your business has to offer.
  • Call to Action. Ensure you include a call to action within your brochure, similarly to any marketing material you do in any form. The idea from this is to identify the problem, show your business as a solution to this, and add persuasive appeal for the customer to take action immediately. This can be as simple as “Require ___? Call us today for an instant quote” with your phone number.
  • Add Personal element. Try to write your brochure as if you’re talking to the person face to face, as the more personal and direct you are, the easier it is for people to connect with your message.
  • Include images of work. Try to include real life photos of your work where possible, prospective customers like to see work you have done to assure them that you offer genuine quality products/service.


Thank you for reading and hopefully this has been interesting for you!

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